ax · i · os | \ ax'-ee-os


  1.  worthy, deserving, in keeping with, corresponding of equal value; worthy, estimable, ; worthy of, deserving, 

ar·​chi·​tect | \ ar-ke-tekt


  1.  a professional who is qualified to design and provide advice - both aesthetic and technical - on built objects in our public and private landscapes. 


Axios Architects  & Consultants LTD. is a architectural design and consulting firm bringing together over 50 years of combined experience. After merging with Elias G. Pappageorge and Associates in 2007, our firm brings an exceptional balance of design, experience, and diversity. We work on projects from conceptual design through completion, code compliance and review, and permit process. Our firm provides services such as planning, expediting, and design.


Axios is an Greek word meaning worthiness. We, at Axios Architects, strive to live up to our firm’s namesake by providing competent, quality design and full architectural services with integrity. Our diligent pursuit of that philosophy has kept our clientele with integrated solutions that benefits both client and our firm to reach their visions for each project. 


Axios Architects is fueled by the diligent pursuit of each client’s vision with sensibility and quality design. We analyze each project from every angle to provide our clientele with aesthetically pleasing and economically feasible design solutions. Our designs draw strength from our disciplined integration of our firm’s philosophy. We takes great pride in the attention to detail and quality of our work. Our goal is to find the best possible solution for any design problem presented. With this confidence, we can provide a quality design solution for any project that will endure long beyond the community that created it. Our firm brings an exceptional balance of design, experience, and diversity.