Haymarket Brewery

 737 W Randolph Street, Chicago IL 

 This stunning project was a complete first floor rehabilitation in existing office warehouse type building in the historic near west side area in Chicago. This location is where the original Haymarket riot occurred in 1886. Drawing upon this history, Axios Architects embarked on a journey to redesign the interior to provide a new brewery and pub restaurant with an speak-easy aesthetic. The interior was designed to structurally accommodate a new interior microbrewery facility into the new redesigned space. Along with a full kitchen and brewery facility, this restaurant has drawn accolades from both restaurant patrons and beer aficionados alike.

Tilted Kilt 17 N Wabash Avenue

  This bold project was the second floor interior rehabilitation where a new Scottish pub would occupy this new 10,000 sq. ft. area. As part of the program, Axios Architects designed new bar space areas with full restaurant capabilities. Drawing on a Scottish type theme the architects took advantage of the extra tall ceiling heights and utilized the most natural daylight from the historic existing windows that exist flooding the space with natural light. As part of the design, dark wood wainscoting and bold colors would enliven the space while providing patrons with extraordinary views of the city of Chicago while enjoying their libations.